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What is an Association Management Company (AMC)?

are for-profit businesses that provide professional management and administrative services to associations. (definition per AMC Institute website)

An association management company provides a centralized office that serves as the client association's headquarters. The overhead costs for the professional offices are shared by other association clients at the AMC, increasing their resources and capabilities without major capital investment. Based on the concept of shared resources, specialists are drawn from the pool of personnel resources and assigned on an as-needed basis.

For example, a publications editor coordinates a monthly newsletter or annual report while an exhibits manager oversees the annual meeting trade show.A research team is created to assist with special projects and additional support staff is utilized to help with membership programs. Each association pays only for the hours the staff specialists work on the tasks and benefits from the professional expertise for a fraction of what it would cost to hire full-time staff. Experienced professionals execute assigned tasks cost effectively for clients and allow client services to be customized to meet specific goals.

What specific services do AMCs offer?

   Executive management
   Administrative management
   Financial management
   Strategic planning
   Membership development
   Public affairs and lobbying
   Meeting/convention/ trade show management
   Communication services
   Education and professional development
   Technology and website support
   Statistical research


Why use an AMC?

   Allows association leaders to concentrate on policy issues instead of administrative tasks
   Provides an affordable, high degree of professionalism, management expertise and
      technology through the concept of shared resources
   Customizes staff activity to meet association needs
   Maintains continuity of business operation during changes in leadership and staff
   Provides cost-effective solutions to personnel, equipment, facilities, and budget considerations


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